Curious Chords Music Studio

Why invest in music lessons?  Music brings not only joy, fun, beauty, order, and a sense of accomplishment to a child's life, but it also has many other rewards as well. Click on some of the videos to find out more.   


My daughter started piano lessons at Curious Chords a couple of years ago and then she picked up voice and guitar. She always loved music so I knew she would enjoy piano, what I didn’t anticipate was how her grades would improve. I attribute it to confidence in herself and the development of her brain due to this new activity of reading and performing music. The teachers work with her one-on-one and she is expected to perform at a recital two times a year, if you have a shy kid like me this might be just the ticket. I have been so impressed with the changes I have seen in her. She is now ready for the singer/songwriter camp to bring all her skills together.
— Leslie Richardson, so thankful for the team at Curious Chords