Curious Chords Music Studio

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Each camp is $175.00. 

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is needed at time of registration to hold your spot!

All camps are from 9:00am to 12:00

Princess Camp - Instructors: Jenny Sandoval, Claire Kibodeaux (June 11-14)

If she’s the Princess of your castle and often leaves a trail of sparkle, then this is the event you’re looking for! Come dressed in your favorite Princess outfit and let the MAGIC begin!

This summer, make every girl’s dream come true at Princess Camp! This camp will be 4 fun days packed with singing, crafts, adventures, and more - all while celebrating our favorite ladies in tulle & tiaras!

(Age 5+)

All-State Choir Camp - Instructors: Jenny Sandoval, Jenn Garza (June 18-21)

Get started early in this camp focused on TMEA All-State Choral Music. This is a preparatory camp for those planning to compete for All-State Choir.

(High School Students)

Guitar Camp - Instructor: Cesar Gomez (June 25-28)

Guitar camp will have a variety of fun and stimulating activities for children ages 8 and up. By the end of camp, your child will have an increased knowledge of the guitar and its players. We will work on a group song and each day, camp members will team up to compete in guitar themed games. Activities will be tailored to the child’s age or experience level. We will also make guitar themed crafts and practice our recital songs for each other.

Boys Just Want to Have Fun - Instructor: Jenny Sandoval (July 9-12)

They’ll run, play, and sing in this very musical camp designed with the boy in mind.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get your prince charming in this action packed camp.

Songwriting Camp - Instructors: Rick del Castillo, Zach Landreneau (July 16-19)

Learn to express your musical creativity! This camp will focus on developing lyrics and structure. 

Your child will get to work with instructors Zach Landreneau and Rick Del Castillo on their current original songs and learn techniques how to generate new musical ideas

By the end of the camp, they will have...

1)  learned how to set short, medium, and long term songwriting goals

2)  developed techniques to match lyrics with melodic ideas

3)  learned the theory of how to substitute the same old same chords / harmony for new more interesting choices

4)  gained more experience in identifying what makes a song memorable and how the different parts of songs (verses, chorus, bridge, etc) really function

5)  more information of how to use the strengths of either piano or guitar and how to pick between them when orchestrating the arrangement

Open to all, no previous songwriting experience needed.  Be able to read music at a basic level, and some piano or guitar helpful.

Summer Choir - Instructors: Anita Williams, Zaida Zamora (Every Friday starting June 8 until recital)

Students will meet once a week on Friday mornings, starting June 8th culminating in a performance at the Summer Recital, July 20-23.

Fun choral exercises and songs will be learned in this choir camp!

Choir camp is designed for:

10:00 - 11:00- Elementary-Ages 6-11

11:00 - Noon - Secondary - Ages 12-18

MIDI Computer Music Camp - Instructors: Zach Landreneau, Thad Noland (July 30-Aug 2)

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and most electronic keyboards have this and use MIDI ports to talk with computer software during composing and recording.

Your child will get an opportunity to learn more about how music for film and video games is made with the use of computer software.

By the end of the camp, they will have...

1)  hands on experience with synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers that real world composers use in the film and gaming world

2)  become familiar with how to use computers to compose music and how to use computers to aid in their personal instrument practice too

3)  critical listening skills to identify what instruments they hear and how those instruments work in a score like brass, strings, and percussion ensembles

4)  a whole lot of fun playing along to and remixing some of their favorite movie soundtracks and video game themes

5)  experience working in groups composing new music together

Activities will be age specific based on the groups, some knowledge of computers and basic keyboard / guitar skills are required.  

Beatles Camp - Instructors: Zach Landreneau, Rick del Castillo (June 18-21)

Do you love The Beatles?  Then this camp is for you.  This camp is about working together to explore and share the love of some of The Beatles most popular songs.

During this camp, your child will...

1)  play multiple new instruments / sing their fav Beatles songs

2)  work in small groups / bands with drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, voice

3)  look at the scores of some of the best songs ever written and talk about how to orchestrate music they way they do it 

4)  discover a new favorite Beatles song!

Open to all ages.  Groups will be age appropriate and flexible.  Some one on one time will be their, but the focus of this camp is working in groups together.

Musical Theatre Camp - Instructor: Christian Wiggs (Aug 6-9)

Have you always wanted to be in the spotlight? Do you want to be the greatest show(wo)man of them all? Want to become another character other than yourself?

Look no further! This summer, you can enroll in our Musical Theater/Jazz Workshop and learn how to swing like Ella, enchant like Elphaba, and inspire like the bearded lady! Christian Wiggs, musical director, will take you and your friends through some of the greatest songs in Broadway and the jazz world!

Throughout the camp, we will explore:

  • - Jazz-standards (tunes) from the Great American Songbook
  • - Singing through classic hit Broadway musical songs, both as an ensemble/choir and individually
  • - Master Classes about how to get started in the professional field
  • - Learn the basic rules for having style in jazz/musical theater
  • - Participate in team-building exercises
  • - Discuss recordings/videos on some of the most famous singers and their technique (good and bad) in singing vocally-intense roles

AGES: 8 - 18+