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Greg Essington (BM Music Technology) - His musical journey began at age 3 when he started banging on a piano while singing I've been working on a railroad. At age 6, he began studying piano under Katie Hunt and at age 14 he took up the guitar. New York City became a home while he earned a bachelor’s degree in music technology at New York University. While in New York, he took lessons in jazz piano, classical voice, acoustic guitar, and composition. He also was a part of several ensembles, including the NYU Gospel Choir and the New York University Singers. For 2 years he lead the music for a Sunday service at Christ Church NYC. In 2010 he came back to Texas to work as an outdoor educator and has since been performing and writing music with Zack Kibodeaux and the Blue Water Highway Band. He has experience performing many different types of music, including: folk, jazz, classical, choral, gospel, broadway, and church music. Along with guitar and piano, he also enjoys playing and learning the mandolin, accordion, ukulele, and violin.